Whether you have glass that requires replacing or the entire window frame, this is something you should only trust a qualified glazier for.

Too often we are asked if we can handle such a task, and most of our replies are ‘Yes, of course, this is what our company is based upon”.

By replacing glass windows it can be one of two things, replacing the actual glass in a window, secondly, its to replace your existing window which includes the aluminium framework and replace the entire window set.

Why would you replace the entire window set? There are many reasons why:

*The frames are old and rusted

*Changing from timber to aluminium

*The window set to be changed into doors for more open space

*Renovation / Additional rooms

*Water ingressing into the home

There are many other different reasons why people change their windows, and these are the most popular requests. Most replacements of glass windows can take between 4-6 weeks, by the time materials are ordered, powder-coated to a specific colour, manufacturing and finally installing. As this is a lengthy process, we need to make sure we are ready and on guard to emergency services as there will be times when 4-6 weeks is unacceptable.

By becoming one of the largest manufacturing glazing company in Mandurah, we have the capacity to complete full replacement of glass windows for any situation. 

Just last month, an Uber driver sadly drove into a shopfront causing over $10,000 worth of damage to the window and aluminium. Thankfully the driver was safely escorted from the accident, however, due to the extensive damage to the shop, a security guard was kept on-site overnight, and during most situations like this, the security company would have been hired to stay on duty for another 5-10 days until the new window was installed. 5-10 is a speedy turnaround to have a new shopfront rebuilt.

5-10 days would have caused a very large interruption to this business due to having a security guard on-site, with unappealing visuals and having an open area to an entire shopfront which provides no security, leaving your shop vulnerable.

Replacement of glass windows can be very challenging and rewarding at the same time. Logistically we must make sure everything is aligned to perfection. Continuing with the car accident, we were able to manufacture the aluminium windows and provide the glass within a speedy record timeframe, being less than 18 hours of being notified.

The turn around time to provide such a quick service in an emergency situation is essential. Whether it’s a business shopfront or a family home, we need to assess the definition of emergency and work as hard as we possibly can to ensure minimal disruption is caused.