When Daniel Turner started Madora Bay Glass he was known for this attention to detail. Specifically advanced within his field of perfection.

Dan would never receive a call back from clients, this was highly regarded as one of his many strengths.

When I jumped into to help him with Madora Bay Glass, it was expanding to a rate that he needed help throughout the days for bookings and a second pair of hands for installations, just to name a few.

When I started to work with Dan out ‘in the field’ of clients and installation is when I noticed, Dan’s skill’s to develop a great product and ensure its perfect for the clients.

Some clients are completely off their tree, they live in a day where everything needs to be done yesterday – FASTER, FASTER, FASTER. I get it, but then their were the clients who we both respected. When you are dealing with house extensions, enclosures etc, we believe you need to make sure you do it right slow down, doing things right, takes time.

Acoustic Glazing

I’m not talking about moving in a snails pace! No, no, no! If you have ever had the privilege to see Dan working, he moves at a lightening pace and knows exactly what he is doing.

He will make sure he leaves your home with pride, finesse and ensure perfection is achieved.

After purchasing GT Glass in early 2018, their moto was – GT Glass ‘We fix it fast’

That moto never sat well with the both of us. Unfortunately it was within the culture of the employees as well. We needed to change this ASAP!

The employees that we took over with the contract of sale had a wrap sheet of call backs that would fill a filing cabinet every 12 months – we were dying. This is not what our beliefs were, this is not what any company should have, let alone be living by this method.

Splashnacl and Tiles

The past 12 months of gruelling our employees to change their ways and have a different outlook on our moto is finally happening. Yes, we had to let staff go. Yes, some staff left. We lost contracts from building companies due to our employee’s actions and this could not be accepted. This is because they did not believe in our core beliefs.

Why is Madora Bay Glass so successful? It’s because when you need to do things right, you take your time.