When you own an old house, parts of it will deteriorate soon. For windows, not all old windows require a full replacement. Only consider a replacement if you have a broken window from glass to the frame. This treatment will cost depending on how big the project will be.

Reglazing Commercial Property

A retrofitting job is where all the parts of the windows are intact except for the glass window and the glass frame. It is important to be careful when asking for retrofitting. Someone must check the condition of the wooden frame because what you pay for retrofitting might not last you a long time. If your window frame is rotting or letting in air or rainwater, the old wooden frame must be replaced.

If you have a used window, with a fully functioning frame, the fixture is still in good condition, holds air or water tightly, consider reglazing. You can test by trying to insert a knife in between the putty that seals the glass and the glass. If it slips through easily, you will need reglazing done. This is when you only spend replacing the glass and installation fee. Any imperfections in your wooden frame must be addressed before installing the new glass.

How much will it cost to replace the glass?

Diverse Glazing Group reglazing services range from a small single window to an entire house. Our qualified glaziers can take the time to visit the premises and make recommendations. We also respond to 24/7 emergency glass repairs.