How to install a cat flap?

Imagine your pet having their own entrance and exit door, being able to go out of the house as they please, catch some sun, run around or go potty.

Diverse Glazing Group supply various type of pet doors. We supply pet doors for those with glass doors or require a glass window install.

What if you want it installed at a wooden wall? How do you install a cat flap?

Pet cats vary in size. Measuring your pet ensures you buy the right size of a door, not too big or too small. Measure your pet cat from the ground to its stomach. It is the height at which you can install the pet door from the door.

After you purchase a pet door, make sure you cut the right hole size. Most pet doors include a template for proper placement.


  1. Trace the template on the door. Mark where you need to start cutting holes and where to place screws. Trace from the opening of the cat door so there’s space to screw the pet door onto the door.
  2. Start drilling in the four corners of the hole to mark where you start cutting the hole. Use the jigsaw to cut the hole following the pencil mark or trace of the door opening.
  3. After drilling the hole, attach the pet door without the flap from the outside of the door. It must sit flush into the wooden door so no cold or hot air enters your home.
  4. Insert the part with the door flap on the interior side of the door. Screw in place, not too tight.
  5. Add caulk to avoid air leaks.

Teach your pet to use their new pet door.

If you are going to install the pet door to a glass door, we have qualified and professional glaziers to help you do it. Give us a call for an estimate.