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How much is it to install glass shower screen?

One popular makeover project to do in the bathroom is upgrading into a frameless glass shower screen. Diverse Glazing Group supplies glass shower screen from $395 including the installation fee of our qualified glazier. A frameless glass shower screen consists of toughened glass panels, the glass door hinges, glass handle, and sometimes may require unobtrusive […]

Benefits of Installing a Pet Door

Are you a homeowner who is in love with your pets? Of course, who would resist to have them at home? They are man’s best friends. They give you a feeling of excitement and relaxation. With this, you can’t deny the truth that you also serve as their doorman too.  As much as you love […]

5 Common Reasons why You should Consider Window Repair

Though many homeowners opt to a window replacement, deciding to go on a home window repair can give some advantages. When you’re not on a budget, this can be a great choice. Others just immediately replace their windows without even evaluating that it can still be fixed and repaired. Not only it can save you money but […]

DIY: How to Clean a Broken Glass Window

Accidents do happen and you cannot predict it. When there are natural or personal events that caused your windows to be broken, it’s important to take caution and handle the situation carefully. A slight mistake can make someone injured. Glass materials are sharp and without proper knowledge of ensuring safety, you can put yourself at […]

How much do your competitors know about you?

Being a small business owner you need an edge from your competitors and you need to have your own style of managing your business. When it comes to cold calling your opposition and become a ‘quote hunter’ to obtain prices so you know how much the others are quoting, is pathetic. I understand business is […]

Types of shower screens

Ready to give your bathroom a makeover? For a budget makeover, one would easily think about repainting the bathroom, changing the cabinet knobs and fixtures or maybe buying a new shower curtain. Consider giving your bathroom a brand new shower screen. There are many types to suit your current bathroom layout. A glass shower screen […]

Shower curtain -v- glass shower screen

When not properly taken cared of, glass shower screen and shower curtains get moldy and turn yellowish. It is one of the similar downsides of both choices.  But what’s the most advantageous choice? Shower Curtain: A shower curtain is too versatile in terms of style. The materials to patterns, there’s just too many choices available […]

Going Frameless Shower Screen: Plus And Minus

Less is more. This is why frameless shower screens are trendy. Many love the minimalist, modern, sleek design of frameless glass screens. PLUSES The use of glass makes bathrooms appear larger. With frameless glass, you won’t see a lot of hardware that might take away from the appeal. The great thing about frameless glass shower […]

What are the different glass types?

Diverse Glazing Group supplies different types of glass for different glazing needs. These are: Annealed Glass Also known as a standard sheet of float glass. Annealing is actually a process of slowly cooling glass to relieve internal stresses after it is formed. Annealed glass is the most common glass used in homes. This type of […]