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Glazing in Commercial Spaces

What potential customers see from the exterior matters. It sets the tone on how they perceive the business to be like. In business, perception is huge. While we only see the inside of the display window or the print on the glass, there’s actually a lot involved in choosing glass or glazing in commercial spaces. […]

Will house insurance cover for glass damage?

If you have a home, you most likely pay for a home insurance. If debris or third-party cause the damages, it will definitely be covered. Damages in the glass window and door damages caused by fire, theft, and storms will also be covered. Most companies also cover accidental damage due to windows and doors being […]

Using your authority for unconditional power

This blog post is submitted by Toni Lee. Having someone over a barrel is never a great way to start the day. We deal with many different trades throughout Mandurah and Perth and we are constantly updated with our client’s woes. It breaks your heart when you hear this on a daily basis. It breaks […]