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The Difference between Tempered and Annealed Glass

When deciding on what types to choose for your windows and doors, you commonly ‘tempered’ and ‘annealed’ glass in the selection. Both of these glasses gave them popularly in today’s market. You may ask yourself, what’s the difference between the two?  Which one is better?  A quick distinction is the heating and cooling treatment in […]

How to properly clean glass windows?

It is always nice to have windows that will allow you to enjoy the view from the outside. But, if your view is obstructed with stains and dirt, it takes away the enjoyment of the view. Cleaning glass windows do not require a lot of steps to follow. What you need are: Squeegee Strip cloth […]

Is glass replacement covered in my insurance?

Owning a home is not easy. There are a lot of responsibilities involved. You have mortgage, utilities, taxes and maintenance to think about. When you own home, it is most likely you pay for home insurance every month. What do my home insurance cover? You may have a home insurance type where the perils covered […]

Emergency window repairs

Windows keep the house well insulated from heat and cold. It protects us from the outside elements during extreme weather or from burglars. But, accidents do happen at any time and we might need emergency repairs done to keep everyone at home safe. Diverse Glazing Group responds 24/7 to emergency glazing needs. We help secure […]

Replacing glass shop fronts

First impression matters. For your business, how you look in the outside makes a difference. Glass shop front not only makes creating aesthetically pleasing facade easy, but it also requires investment on utilities, security, and safety. Broken glass in your shop front is such an inconvenience. Why allow your loyal customers to go through that? […]

5 Common Reasons why You should Consider Window Repair

Though many homeowners opt to a window replacement, deciding to go on a home window repair can give some advantages. When you’re not on a budget, this can be a great choice. Others just immediately replace their windows without even evaluating that it can still be fixed and repaired. Not only it can save you money but […]

DIY: How to Clean a Broken Glass Window

Accidents do happen and you cannot predict it. When there are natural or personal events that caused your windows to be broken, it’s important to take caution and handle the situation carefully. A slight mistake can make someone injured. Glass materials are sharp and without proper knowledge of ensuring safety, you can put yourself at […]

How much do your competitors know about you?

Being a small business owner you need an edge from your competitors and you need to have your own style of managing your business. When it comes to cold calling your opposition and become a ‘quote hunter’ to obtain prices so you know how much the others are quoting, is pathetic. I understand business is […]

Reglazing for commercial property

Most modern buildings use glass windows. Architects and commercial property owners must decide what energy efficient glass windows they want with the range of materials available to use. If you own a commercial property, working with qualified glazing company will help determine what is the best material for your needs. You want to ask your […]

What are the different glass types?

Diverse Glazing Group supplies different types of glass for different glazing needs. These are: Annealed Glass Also known as a standard sheet of float glass. Annealing is actually a process of slowly cooling glass to relieve internal stresses after it is formed. Annealed glass is the most common glass used in homes. This type of […]