1.       What is Robax?

There is a specialised type of glass for situations in which glass is exposed to heat, such as fire place doors. The glass is called Robax, and this glass is a ceramic glass combination which has been heat treated to be able to withstand temperatures between 100degrees and 400degrees Celsius.

  1.       Why does the glass suddenly crack?

As with all glass, Robax weathers and can become brittle over time, especially while withstanding the temperatures of fire for example, even though you may not be able to physically see any damage until it actually cracks.

  1.       The process of replacing robax in a fireplace door.

The process for reglazing a fireplace door is quite simple, though there are more materials required than just robax. We can do all of this in-house, which makes it easy for customers. As we are a full supplier of the reglaze of fire place doors, we can source the sealants to suit your specific door, as each door is different to the next.

  1. We can provide same day service.

With our vast amount of stock, we can offer same day service for most fire place doors. We know the middle of winter is far too cold for your family to be without heat, it is our priority to ensure your family is safe and warm as quick as possible.