So you have decided to renovate the bathroom, the tilier has smashed out all of the tiles, the vanity is removed and you are left with this wonderful open space, needless to say, you are so excited to order your new shower screen because you know it takes 2 weeks for that baby to be ordered! You have requested a quote over the phone (although you would have been advised for a technician to come around) and you approve the quote with eager anticipation only to find out upon the glaziers arrival that the glass order cannot be processed. WHAT A HEADACHE! You are now held up by another few weeks because your tiles are not laid and the glaizer cannot process your glass! And its with those small finer details most people are not aware of – those tiles need to be laid prior to ordering any glass for a bathroom, as that glass cannot be cut down once it has been processed.

Most people want quotes straight up without having a technician measuring the bathroom prior to quoting. Did you know, glass is charged out by the circumference? The more glass you require, the more the price changes. Upon receiving a call from a client asking “Hi, i would like a quote to have a shower screen supplied and installed”, we will reply with “of course you can, when is the best available day for us to come out and measure the new shower screen for you?” That’s not because we want to take all of your time us, this is because we need to measure the area, find out exactly what you were wanting/expecting to have installed to ensure we are quoting for what you were wanting.

When you are working with tight spaces, you are always creative to get the best possible use out of everything you have to work with. Sometimes the hardest layout can be the easiest layout due to the minimal options you have for example: corner unit with dual opening doors. These types of shower screens are perfect for the confined areas as they give you more opening and more light within the bathroom, however this option is rarely offered when calling for a quote over the phone as this is not a standard, run of the mill kind of shower screen. Its always a great idea to allow access for any trade company to have a look at the location prior to quoting, do you get a plumber to quote a bathroom without having a look first?