Toughened glass is the most common glass used in commercial spaces. Tempered, laminated and double glazing are just a few of the most common used. Tint and coating can be added as per request.

There are many obvious benefits of using glass in commercial spaces.

A glass that is strong and durable is a requirement in schools, offices, buildings, and shops. Glass exteriors can be tinted and coated for privacy and insulation.

Glass is not only used in the exterior but as interior partition as well. It is easier and a lot less costly when using glass partition. You can mount and dismount glass walls wherever you are renovating.

Shop fronts can frequently update their glass window display to entice customers and increase sales. Prints can be added and removed any time you want. Maintaining glass front is also less expensive. You mostly only need water to clean it.

Commercial buildings can save on electricity bills. Natural light during the day can light up a huge space. A heat coating can be added to minimize the absorption of heat into the building.

Diverse Glazing Group service commercial spaces in Perth and the South West area. We offer fabrication, supply, and installation of commercial windows, doors, shopfronts, and internal partitioning. We also do all types of solar and mirrored tint film as well as safety, security and anti-graffiti film, supply, and installation. Our general glazing services are not limited to reglazing of residential and commercial premises but also a replacement of damaged aluminum framework.