Using glass to create a bigger space

A modern house design uses less walls, using an open floor plan concept, clean lines and taller windows. Not all of us are lucky to live in a brand new house, a modern house or maybe we are only renting.

Houses in the old days have smaller windows. The surefire way to fix darker rooms is by adding mirrors to a room. Mirrors help make a room look larger. But, if you can knock down a wall or convert it to glass, the better. You get the illusion of a much bigger space if more natural light enters a room.

Windows are constructed in exterior walls in the house. If you use fewer walls, or use glass walls partition, light passes through from one room to the other.

If you love to entertain at home, glass bifold or sliding doors are great in connecting the indoor eating area to the outdoors. We have clients who requested to add a server glass window from the kitchen to the patio.

Townhouses have very little opportunity to add windows in four corners. Adding skylights is your next best option. Installing glass windows in your ceiling can get a bit pricey but is a great investment in terms of your utility bills in the long run.

All these design ideas are possible. For projects like this, it is most important to get it right the first time so hire a qualified glazier. Diverse Glazing Group service residential and commercial spaces in Perth and the South West areas. The team work tirelessly to ensure you are being served with the highest level of respect and professionalism. Talk to us about your next home project.