How much do replacement windows cost?

Replacement costs depend on the type of window to be installed and prices are on a per window basis. It can be a slider window, bay window, double hung, casement, etc. Installation cost can vary as well. Obviously, custom or high-end windows will cost more.

What about the window frames? Is it in good condition? Typical frames are either made of vinyl or wood. Vinyl is a lot cheaper than wood, low maintenance and lasts longer, too.

Maybe you don’t need to change the window. Maybe a simple window frame repair is all you need. Talking to a qualified glazier can help you assess your options. Changing window frames or reglazing may be all you need.

For broken glass windows, a complete window install is necessary. So who is your supplier? A qualified glazier is what you need because projects like this have to be done right the first time.

Because there is no such thing as a standard sized window, we will use 900mm x 1200mm as our guide size today. This 900x1200mm window is a sliding glass window and you would like it supplied only, providing its standard powder coating and your Australian typical flyscreen, entry price $395.00.

Installing the above window will be an additional (from) $150-$220. As there are many variations we will be upfront with our pricing when we are quoting you.

If you are looking for a Perth glazier, call us for booking. Diverse Glazing Group has been servicing residential to commercial spaces for 20 years. We respond to emergency glass repairs.