The Difference between Tempered and Annealed Glass

When deciding on what types to choose for your windows and doors, you commonly ‘tempered’ and ‘annealed’ glass in the selection. Both of these glasses gave them popularly in today’s market. You may ask yourself, what’s the difference between the two?  Which one is better? 

A quick distinction is the heating and cooling treatment in the manufacturing process. Annealed glass is slowly cooled to room temperature while the tempered glass undergoes a heat treatment and is rapidly cooled. This different treatment makes the tempered glass tougher than the annealed glass. 

Tempered glass is also known as “Safety Glass”. Thanks to its pebble-sized pieces that protect anyone once the glass breaks. Compared to the annealed glass that shatters into large and delicate shards, the safety glass prevents injuries and minimize risks. 


In terms of price, annealed glass is much cheaper than the tempered glass. For homeowners who are on a tight budget, they usually opt to buy annealed glass because of its affordability. The latter is quite expensive due to the fact that it takes a longer process to manufacture it. Hence, the cost is higher. However, the safety glass holds its value in the long run. Since the annealed glass has a higher tendency of breaking, you might replace them when the time occurs and cost you more money. 


Because of the different heating treatment applied to the tempered glass, it provides more durability and toughness. The glass is harder and thicker which means it can last for years and keep intact to your window. With this, you will have fewer worries for a reason that its probability of breaking is low. It’s reliable and efficient, making it a top choice for most homes, offices, and residential areas. 


Both of these two glasses can break. The only difference is, at the moment the annealed glass breaks, its sharp pieces will scatter everywhere and can injure anyone who is around. Tempered glass breaks uniformly into small and rounded pieces and does not splinter. It holds together and keeps everyone safe.  


These types of glasses have different uses. Before deciding to purchase between annealed and tempered glass, you must know where you want to put and use them. If you are putting them where many people most likely gather, tempered glass is the better option. If the area has extremely low traffic, then annealed glass is a good choice. 

Annealed glass can also be used for decorative purposes and can be incorporate with furniture and interesting light fixtures. Tempered glass is suitable for bathroom and shower doors. In case anyone may slip or fall, the glass will be strong enough to hold the force instead of breaking in jagged pieces as the annealed glass does. 

If you are considering to have an annealed glass or tempered glass installation for your home windows and shower doors, Diverse Glazing Group will help you achieve it. We’ve been in the industry for years providing glass installation and repair services throughout O’Connor and Mandurah.