Is your home ready for an adopted pet?

There’s a lot that goes when adopting a pet. Becoming a responsible adopted pet parent requires careful planning.

Preparing the home:

Before bringing home your adopted pet, ask if it’s allergic to something. You need to have them removed from your home.

Is the pet trained? Do you need to have them trained by a professional? Or, are you training your pet yourself?

How will you transport your pet from the center to your home? You will need to get the right size of crate, leash, pet car seat, etc.

Choose a less foot traffic area in your home as their eating area.

Similarly, choose an area where the pet sleeps.

Give your pet access doors to the outside. If you’re looking for pet doors in Mandurah, Perth area, Peel Pet Access Doors can provide and install one for you.

Preparing other needs:

Have a walking route and plastic bags ready for when you need to take them out for a walk or exercise.

If you have to travel, do you know anyone who can pet sit for your or a pet care center?

Is there a pet vet near you? An adopted pet may have special needs that you may need to bring them to the vet.

Preparing the supplies:

Prepare supplies at home before bringing the pet home like dog food, food and water bowl, bed, few toys, etc.

Prepare also dog tag, leash and bed crate if you don’t want your dog walking around the house when alone.

After all the planning, keep in mind that all the thing that pets want is love, affection and your time.