Is glass replacement covered in my insurance?

Owning a home is not easy. There are a lot of responsibilities involved. You have mortgage, utilities, taxes and maintenance to think about. When you own home, it is most likely you pay for home insurance every month.

What do my home insurance cover?

You may have a home insurance type where the perils covered are predetermined. Meaning, insurance will only cover the perils listed in the plan. All risk type of policy pays for any type of damages but subject to exclusions. If the damage is not excluded, the insurer will pay. There’s a type of home insurance that is based on deductible. If the damage cost does not reach the predetermined amount, the company will not cover.

Will your insurance cover wear and tear? It is best to review what type of home insurance you have and the key fact sheets.

Most home insurance would cover damages caused by nature like hurricanes and storms. Fly debris are covered, too. If the damage is caused by a person accidentally, most likely, your home insurance will cover that, too.

Diverse Glazing Group has assisted clients with their window repair even when their insurance company is taking too much time to respond. We come in and secure the home to keep it safe and warm.

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