What type of glass is best for my home?

When it comes to designing your home interiors, it is impossible not to consider glass. It is in windows, some entryway doors or in most patio doors. When talking to an interior designer, ask about using glass in your home.

There are different types of glass that you can definitely use at home.

Sheet glass is commonly used in commercial spaces. It is also great for glass floor to ceiling windows or wall partition.

Laminated glass is used in entry doors and glass patio doors. It is the sturdiest and the best in terms of providing safety in the home.

Frosted glass is great as bathroom shower partition and for privacy. It blurs the view but still transmits light.

Tempered glass is also another strong type of glass. Use this type of glass with your stair railing for a modern house.

Insulated glass makes a great investment to add to the house design. Use it in bifold doors or glass windows. It helps you save on utility bills.

Tinted glass offers privacy if you live on a busier street. If you own a modern glass house, think off adding tints to glass windows facing the busy road.

Reflective glass can be installed as glass splashback. If you want a small kitchen to appear bigger, install this type that reflects a lot of light.

Please keep in mind that this list is not exhaustive. Your interior designer can get creative on what type to use and where. If you are looking for a glazier in Mandurah area, give us a call. We help bring ideas to life!