Why Choosing Kitchen Glass Splashback is the Best Choice


We all know the primary purpose of splashbacks is to be used in our kitchen or bathroom space and protect surfaces and walls from splashes. In your kitchen, you probably placed the splashback behind the hob. This is to protect the walls from thermal pressure and heat damage as well as splashes made in cooking activities. 

If you’re into tiles, you may miss the benefits of a glass splashback. It’s a material that adds an impressive aesthetic appeal, making your kitchen more clean-looking and more of a modern feel. This glass panel comes in 10mm toughened glass in accordance with the safety requirements. They don’t break easily when hit by a strong force. What’s great is like tiles or stone, the glass splashback is heat-resistant, which makes it suitable to place behind the cooktop. 

Installing Splashback

Here at Diverse Glazing Group, we help homeowners to elevate their quality-living. Listed below are the benefits of kitchen glass splashbacks. 

  1. Easy to Clean

Unlike other materials that you need to spend some money on cleaning treatments, you only need to wipe the spill or stain on the glass splashback to keep it clean. If your kitchen splashback is made of tiles, cleaning can give you a hard time as the grouts between tiles can become greasy, dirty and mouldy 

With a glass splashback, cleaning is done in the simplest way possible. This saves more time and effort. For families who love preparing and cooking foods, this is a very practical choice. 

  1. Color Options

Depending on your kitchen design and color preference, there is a wide variety of colors available in the market. They will make your kitchen more attractive and enhance its theme and style. It stays bright and clear and complements your kitchen design. 

  1. Heat Resistance

As mentioned earlier, glass splashbacks are able to withstand heat even if you cook for long hours. Since it undergone chemical and heat treatment process, it does not change its colors or form. With this thing in mind, you will not have any worries about future repair and maintenance. 

  1. Elegant Look

A glass splashback has an aesthetic appeal that adds a luxurious feel to your kitchen. Amaze your guests with its clear, bright, and elegant look! This also creates an inviting atmosphere that inspires you and your family to love cooking. 

  1. Cost-Efficient

Compared to other splashback materials (tiles and marbles), glass splashbacks are a good value for money. Making a decision to replace your old splashback with a new one is definitely a beneficial idea. This would only take a small effort – an effort that makes a big difference to your kitchen – both in appearance and functionality. 

  1. Enhance Lighting

Since glass is clear and bright in nature, it helps reflect your kitchen lighting. This eliminates shadows and keeps your kitchen brighter without putting additional lighting features. It also keeps everything in details and makes you comfortable to cook especially during dinner time. 

  1. Ease of Installation

Glass can be cut in any shapes and thus, can be put in any angles and challenging corners. This makes your dream kitchen more achievable. With only a minimal effort, glass splashbacks can be installed in a crisp and perfect design. 

Now that you already know what glass splashbacks can bring to your kitchen, it’s up to you to make your decision. If you are looking for both aesthetics and performance, the glass will speak for itself.  

For more tips about glass repair and installation, never hesitate to get in touch with Diverse Glazing Group. We will be happy to help you make the home improvement that you deserve.