How much is it to install glass shower screen?

One popular makeover project to do in the bathroom is upgrading into a frameless glass shower screen.

Diverse Glazing Group supplies glass shower screen from $395 including the installation fee of our qualified glazier.

A frameless glass shower screen consists of toughened glass panels, the glass door hinges, glass handle, and sometimes may require unobtrusive fixture hardware. You can choose to use textured glass panels, frosted or have a design etched on the glass.

What makes frameless shower screen popular? It is the new design trend. When you are looking for a modern, more zen-like or minimalist look in your bathroom, going frameless is the way to go. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the frame’s wear and tear and the rust in chrome frames.

If you are one who DIY often, this might be a project you will find easy to use. There is a premade glass shower screen that one can buy on the market. How-to manuals are usually included in the box.

If you have a unique glass door size, you will need to talk to a qualified glazier. We also supply custom glass sizes. Because glass material comes with a price, it is best to get professional glaziers who will do it for you. No need to worry about drilling wrong holes in the wall and wasting good materials for the project.

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