Benefits of Installing a Pet Door

Are you a homeowner who is in love with your pets? Of course, who would resist to have them at home? They are man’s best friends. They give you a feeling of excitement and relaxation. With this, you can’t deny the truth that you also serve as their doorman too. 

As much as you love to have a pet door for your lovely cats and dogs, you are hesitant because it may affect your home’s security. We feel that you are aware of the intruders breaking in your house and inflict you harm. It’s true that no pet doors are the same and having doubts is reasonable. 

Pet doors have been introduced in the 1950s. Now, with the advancement of modern technologies, your worries are solved. There are great options to choose from and they are made with high-quality material, providing solutions to your problems in the past. 

In this article, we will talk about the good things about having a pet door. 

  1. Provides Convenience

You’re upstairs and your dog is barking at the door, grabbing your attention to open it. How stressful and time-consuming is that? With a pet door, you will no longer play as a doorman every time your pets want to go out. You’re resting on your sofa then suddenly your panting dog interrupts you because he needs to go outdoors. Having a pet door will save a lot of time and effort. 

  1. The health of your Pet

Take into consideration that your pets can’t talk. Imagine that you’re working in the office all day and your dog is left at home, holding it for such a long period. This will give them a lot of discomforts and may affect their health such as having urinary tract infections.  

Allowing your pets to have the freedom to go outside makes them energized and healthy. They can explore the world outdoors and stay physically active and mentally alert. Imprisoning them indoors will limit their play time and exercise and may decrease their life expectancy.  

  1. Reduce Accidents

Don’t blame your pets if you see them pee and go potty in some areas of your house. It’s simply because they cannot hold it any longer and their bladders are not easy to control when the urge comes. Even if you’ve trained them, once they feel inconvenient, accidents can happen. 

In addition, it also affects your pets’ behaviour. For your puppies and kittens, they may scratch and play with your furniture and worst, damage your valuable items. 

Installing a pet door will eliminate these accidents and give your pets added care and enrichment. 

  1. Saves your Door

This is a common problem if you don’t have a pet door. You’ll have to deal with the scratch marks damaging your door as your dog can’t go out of the room. If you are on a house rental or lease, this will give you costly repairs and expenses. This issue will be met by getting a doggie door installed in your home! 

Still thinking of your home’s security? 

Our pet doors have a secure locking mechanism and assure you of maximum safety. Aside from traditional options, there are electronic options too that only opens the door when your pets approach the door with a special type of collar key. This is called Microchip pet door. We also make a custom dog door according to your needs. With the right size, a quality glass material and a professional team working to meet your demands, you and your pets are guaranteed to enjoy a more convenient and happy living. 

 Peel Pet Access Doors is one of the pioneers in providing pet doors in Perth and the South West area. We supply various type of doors for pets. We recommend measuring your pet first before making a purchase. Our free eBook will guide on how to measure your pet correctly. Call us for an estimate.