How much do your competitors know about you?

Being a small business owner you need an edge from your competitors and you need to have your own style of managing your business. When it comes to cold calling your opposition and become a ‘quote hunter’ to obtain prices so you know how much the others are quoting, is pathetic.

I understand business is business, but where did old fashion honestly and hard workmanship go? The pride someone has within in their own company should spread to their employees and clients. This should not be doused by pathetic oppositions cold calling to drum prices down within the city.

This happens to us on a weekly basis, from all companies – EVEN people we personally know, have previously worked with and who we sell products too!

With our head held very high we have NEVER done this to a single glass and glazing company since we have had our own company in over 10 years – NEVER!

The most recent ‘quote hunter’ was from another glass company (for legal reasons we cannot name them, however we do live near the sea and they are a glass company) was caught out. Our savvy receptionist pieced the call together and realised it was this particular glass company and was very angry that they cannot stand on their own two feet and harass us.

Upon notifying me of the situation, I called said glass company and told her to ‘stay away’ and be a professional company that can work things out on their own…. Needless to say her reaction by laughing at me says how unprofessional and pathetic this company really is.

This post is about ‘bashing’ the opposition, its about having pride in your workmanship and if you believe your price is fair, customers will come to you. If you think you need to lower your price, then lower them – but for goodness sake, work it out on your own! We do!!!