Types of shower screens

Ready to give your bathroom a makeover? For a budget makeover, one would easily think about repainting the bathroom, changing the cabinet knobs and fixtures or maybe buying a new shower curtain.

Consider giving your bathroom a brand new shower screen. There are many types to suit your current bathroom layout. A glass shower screen can instantly give your bathroom that modern and up to date look.

Here are the types of glass shower screen to choose from:

Framed is supported by aluminum that fully enclosed the shower area
Frameless is where the frame sits flush to the wall when attached to a hinge
Sliding door has one or more fixed panel where the door slides to one side
Pivot door is a fixed panel except the door is attached to a pivot hinge
Bi-fold door is where two glass panels are attached to a bi-fold mechanism
Quadrant is a space saver, corner bathroom where two doors slide open on either side
Fixed panel is a single fixed glass panel, sits flush to the wall and floor with no doors

Upgrading to a glass shower screen keeps the rest of the bathroom dry, there’s no more shower curtain to add to the laundry load and since it is glass, it’s easy to clean.

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