Different Types of Pet Doors

You have decided to purchase and have professionals install a pet door in your home. But confused on which one to get? Here are the different types of doors for your pets:

Traditional Flap – This is the most common, simplest door to install and also the cheapest. It also has a lock feature to keep the dog inside the house at night. But, it comes with a magnetic lock that is not as secure during the day.

Hard Plastic Lock – This double layer type protects your home from wild animals from entering your home. When using this feature, this makes the doors difficult for your pet to use. It’s great when you want a good night sleep knowing your home is secure.

Electronic Door – Its selective entry is making this the safest of its kind. Keep in mind this type of door is battery operated and that you will eventually need to change it.

Glass-fitting pet doors – It’s not always sure where all doors are solid wood. Some clients require to install for a glass exterior door or window and that is where Peel Pet Access Doors can help!

Aluminum pet doors – This type of door is great for if you have an energetic, hyper pet. The pet doors frame can withstand pulling and bumping of a medium to large pet. A barrier is needed to lock the pet door at night.

While measuring your pet correctly is important, pet owners must also consider the pet doors lockable features if they have it. Some pet doors use a barrier system, a 2-lock feature and a 5-locking feature.