Shower curtain -v- glass shower screen

When not properly taken cared of, glass shower screen and shower curtains get moldy and turn yellowish. It is one of the similar downsides of both choices.  But what’s the most advantageous choice?

Shower Curtain:

  • A shower curtain is too versatile in terms of style. The materials to patterns, there’s just too many choices available for you.
  • Never have to feel like you are taking bath or shower inside a box.
  • It is not expensive to get or to replace.
  • A curtain is so much easier to clean. You just need to pop it into the washing machine.

Glass Shower Screen:

  • There are different types of glass. It can also be printed on, and some are also textured.
  • The clear glass makes the room so much larger and is most effective in keeping water out of other areas in the bathroom.
  • The toughened glass may be expensive but it will last longer. You no longer have to keep buying replacement curtains that get dirty and damaged easily. In the long run, it will save you money.
  • Glass helps the environment. There is a more natural remedy or solution to cleaning glass. No need to use bleach or washing powder.

You have to weigh in what’s important for you. Make your choice from there. If you are need of a qualified glazier to help you remodel your bathroom, send us an email for an estimate. We help bring ideas to life.