All About Modern Splashback Designs

Kitchen splashbacks are incorporated into the home design in order to protect the wall and paint from splashes and oil stains.

There are many materials used as splashbacks. It can be made out of tiles, marble, concrete, stainless steel, wood, bricks, coated wallpaper, mirror, etc. It’s no longer just the traditional tiles.

Through the years, splashbacks are no longer for practical appeal. Splashbacks are now a source of statement piece in a room. It can add a unique touch to any kitchen and even the bathroom. It’s a great way to update the room without the cost of a full remodel.

While tiles can prove to be a versatile splashback, because of it’s different colors, sizes, and print, you can also be creative with the tiles layout, like the trendy herringbone style.

The biggest modern kitchen trend is a backsplash made of glass. It comes in various colors, too. Even tiles have a glass effect type of tiles to get into this trend.

If you are considering a new splash back, replacing tiles or renovating your kitchen in general, a fantastic idea is installing glass splashback.

In this day and age, where everybody is always in a hurry, busy or getting into energy efficient lifestyle, having a low maintenance kitchen is great to have.

Benefits of Glass Splashback:

  • No grout to seal
  • No grout to clean
  • No special stainless steel cleaner to buy

With backsplash made of glass, keeping a sanitized and clean kitchen is made so much easier.

Herringbone print can be added on the back of a glass splashback. It can be sealed to protect, ensure longevity and high quality without any wear.

If you are looking for a glazier in Perth area, Diverse Glazing Group offers installation service and supplies various range of splashback colors. If you are ready to update your kitchen with glass splashback, call us for an estimate.